Hand to hand – Dramatic & Emotional act to Wicked Games James McMorrow – 5 min

Great class performance put into deep, sad and dramatic scenery. Classic music, touching story, deep atmosphere and holding breath action will make you speechless. You can truly feel the emotions expressed by the artists and freely join the story becoming passive part of the tale.

Hand to hand – Falling in romance act to Dynamic Violin – 4 min

Excellent choice, sensual touch & and an expressive building up violin tune - telling the story of falling in deep romance in a crazy way. Unplanned meeting slowly becoming to a real emotion. To discover unexpected and face impossible… Mix of love, adrenaline, strength and forcing power won’t let you miss anything. Connected crazy acrobatics and building up tension will keep you awake for a long time as you can’t even get distracted by anything. Please, enjoy…

Hand to hand – Motivating | Rising up | Breath taking Story left free to think – 5 min

Dramatic full of touching emotion act from one of the biggest circus festival in the World "Cirque de Demain" from Paris. Story telling routine leaving you free imagination but basically letting you understand that anything you loose in your life is not the end and that there's always something or soemone pushing for you to rise up and move forward.

Hand to hand – Forgiveness with no words to Stay with me Sam Smith - 5 min

Very classic, love story telling performance. Based on warm touch, sharp moves and precisely choice of balance and flexibility. Over-practiced technique formed into a new theatric look.

Hand to hand – Wild, forest creatures act to Lilly Allen - 4 min

Simply made, easy to follow, playful story. Curious creatures enjoying the moment in the calm wildness. Jumping around, teasing each other, teasing unexpected.. Very unusual animalistic touch bringing you closer to this strange-wonder reality. Full of fun & pleasure to watch. Take a sit and join our forest journey.

Hand to Hand - Adagio – Slow disconnection act to Tear Drops – 5 min

Slow, classic statue act with no specific story. General theme based on connection and disconnection. Finding balance in every single movement.. Controlling every step..

Hand to hand  |  Flirty game act to Feeling Good Michael Bubble  |  5 min

Spicy & classy. Warming up adrenaline and positive energy with a high level acrobatic tricks –  Short tasty story of two people who just met, trying to get alone with each other in their own way… - Best to keep up the mood at anytime.

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