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Alaska Season - Summer 2017

Hello ! So glad to see that you get to visit our website !

Here is what’s currently happening so mostly this part of the website is changing and updating systematically to keep you posted.

If you have time and just want to know a little bit more – you are in a perfect place. If you don’t – then just check the MENU list and see what could interest you so you can go straight to the thing you want or you are looking for.

At the moment we are on Celebrity Infinity, still cruising in Alaska. The ports doesn’t really changed for last 2 months so we keep going with our 7-days run itenary. It’s quite intense but keep us tight so we don’t even have time to get lazy…

On a cruise life there’s all the time something going on so the things are consistently happening. If not a birthday, then another in a row some countries independence day. Theme nights organizing in a crew & staff bars, sauna & Persian garden from time to time. Sometimes fancy dinner in one of the specialty restaurants…

Beside of course – training every day. Gym, condition, stretching, keep on improving… Below you can see some of our training videos, warming up or just playing around in a little bit circus style.

Also, what’s quite interesting, since Goncalo started being more interested in taking photos he bought his own camera and so seems like at the moment Duo Destiny gained their own photographer haha ! The photos are really cool. Some of them you can see attached around. They are really cool. He’s learning really fast !

Every week we also adding & updating our News – Adventures zakładkę so click on it to check if there’s already a new fun video to watch ! We are trying our best to get your attention, keep you on interest and what’s always super important – Show you fun and entertain you with our creative personalities.

Lots of things are going on and slowly we are getting ready to think, check what’s available  and decide what’s gonna be our next adventure after this contract. We are not going to discover all the secrets now to not destroy all the fun. BUT what we can tell you is that a time of big things and big projects is coming… So stay with us and follow our adventures. Let us inspire you to discover…

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