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Selected... Big step in our carreer !




Check and follow our trainings and form preparation in our last weeks till we pack ourselves again and fly to Paris for our Big Adventure this year... Nothing better like starting this year witha a big challange and kick in the ass! Selected and choosen from hundrets who also tried...



It's been already 1 week since we started our trainings on a land after our short 2 months contract on Norwegian GEM... Everyday driving 45 min to Lisbon from Samora Correia where we live currently in Goncalo's home.  There we having training twice a day. One in the noon, full and intense. Second repetitions, learning and improving new stuff. With a short 1,5-2h break in between for lunch, still managing and organizing things for the coming festival.

 It is completely busy time. Since we woke up  around 9 am till we arrive home around 10 pm. The only time left, is for sleep, rest and take care of our exhousted and hard worked bodies. Work is work and goals are the only ones pushing us and motivating forward. There's many things people dream to achieve, to succeed... But this festival "Cirque de Demain" is definitely one of the biggest for us !


And so now after 3 weeks we already arrived in Paris ! First days in Cirque Phenix were just a rehearsals, setting up the stage for all the artists, adjusting lights & sound... The stage it's just BEAUTIFUL ! The people are so nice, the directors doing a really good job too and atmosphere around seems very positive and friendly ! Keep watching ! We just got the service so we are going to keep you updating ! 

Show A

Thursday 1/02/2018



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You can watch our performance from the  39th Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain below ;)





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